B2B SEO Strategy: Part 4

Forget anyone who tells you otherwise. SEO is still about getting links. Most SEO’s out there will tell you that all you need to do is create “quality content” and the links will follow. The truth is that, especially in narrow B2B or industrial niches, it’s extremely difficult to create this kind of “link-worthy” content, […]

LinkedIn Proving to be Best Social Media Site for B2B Companies

linkedin and b2b companies

Are you a B2B company struggling to use social media effectively? Are you unsure which platform is the most useful? Are you currently using social media, but with little success? Are you seeking ways to increase your company’s social media conversions? No worries. We’ve got some information that will help kick your B2B social media […]

3 Ways to Track Caller Conversion Sources

A lot of the marketers I work with are frustrated by having too little time or money to accomplish all their marketing goals. “Do more with less” is the expectation – sound familiar? Although we would all like to add more dollars to our marketing budgets, the reality is that we have limitations on our […]

5 Great Video Ideas for Your Industrial Website

It was already two years ago when Ecreativeworks internet marketing mavens tipped our clients to jumping onto the website video and YouTube train. It was based on reports from ComScore (an agency that measures search engine traffic globally) which ranked YouTube’s overall search use as second only to Google. Taking advantage of this search level […]

User Test Results | What An Engineer is Looking for on a Website

Recently we ran a couple of user tests on 3 different websites for a client. As we reviewed the tests it was neat to see what every user thought was helpful and what was considered noise. Here are some quick observations and recommendations: 1. Keep everything above the fold as much as possible. Unless someone […]

Top 5 Requirements of An Industrial Website

Spring has finally sprung here in Minnesota. We are looking forward to warm weather, golf courses opening and the start of baseball season! Today the Twins take on the Tigers and even though the sun is shining, it’s going to be a cold baseball game! Along with all the fun spring activities, I’m sure the […]

Google AdWords Redesign

A couple of days ago,  Google launched a new redesign for AdWords. The new interface has a much cleaner look, and has all of the features of the old design, plus a new feature. I think this new redesign is a much needed facelift for AdWords. The new change is the addition of campaign types, […]

Google Algorithm Updates & Media Response

Hi Industrial B2B Marketers – I just wanted to give you a quick heads up. I’ve seen it a few times and have had a handful of conversations with clients and colleagues…with EVERY big Google Algorithm update a different media source will tell you why you should be doing something with them. Here was the […]

Google AdWords: New Phrase & Exact Match Keyword Settings

Last month,  Google announced that they will be making a big change that will affect both phrase and exact match keywords. Currently when you use phrase match keywords, you are targeting any search terms that the chosen keyword would fit in. An example would be the keyword “blue widgets, ” which would be triggered by […]

Google Places Fundamentals

When setting up your Google Places listing it is important to understand the different ways that Google looks at a company. Whether your company specializes in a local market or sells services nationwide, it is very important to understand the key fundamentals of how to optimize your Google Places listing. By understanding the key factors […]