Improved Search Engine Placement – It’s not just about YOU.

A question we like to ask our clients in our initial interview is “What are your goals for this search engine marketing program?”. The most likely answer is “Improved Search Engine Placement“. Part of the education process that we employ is explaining that it’s not JUST about placement, it’s about increasing RELEVANT traffic to your […]

Do it Your Self Industrial Advertising That Works! Article Optimization : Part II

Article optimization is the preferred do-it-yourself advertising technique for industrial businesses. For the “un-web-savvy” engineer perhaps, article optimization is a method that doesn’t require extensive knowledge of the web, nor a special SEO acumen. In PART I, we explored a bit of why this method is effective for industrial businesses, and how it works to […]

Do it Your Self Industrial Advertising That Works! Article Optimization : Part I of II

Article Optimization awards manufacturers and other industrial / b2b companies with the opportunity to promote their website while sticking to what they know.
In Part I of Do-It-Yourself Industrial Advertising, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of article op

Quick Industrial Directory Analysis – Industrial Quick Search

In some offline feedback to my article about Industrial Directories and Organic SEO, I realized I had inadvertently omitted IQS – Industrial Quick Search. I hope that some marketing folks from these different industrial directories are peeking at our blog every once in awhile.  Any criticism I might have, should be taken constructively as an […]

Manufacturers Seeing More Value In SEO / SEM

I recently came across a post at ThomasNet Forums soliciting participation in the the SMV 2007 industrial e-business market trends survey. The survey is focused to provide key insights to online marketing trends that impact manufacturers, helping them understand their industry and their competitors. After reading through the 2006 study published last year, I personally […]

Manufacturers: 5 Things Your Customers Want (and how to provide it online)

5 Things Your Customers Want When Configuring Products Online Did you know that at Starbucks, you can choose from over half a million drink combinations? That’s right, just over 550,000 ways to make a latte. This kind of customization, and the branding around it, has become the alma mater of such big corporate players; And […]