How to Help Generate B2B Social Media Followers


It is important to look at your followers or audience at the forefront of your social media marketing plan. There is no point in creating and posting content if there is no one to see it. It is seemingly more difficult to generate followers on a B2B social account versus B2C. This is because the […]

Buyer’s Journey & B2B Content Marketing


As a consumer, buying things seems like second nature to me. If I am on a retailer’s website and I see something I want, I buy it. There isn’t a lot of thought put into it. This mindset changes when making larger purchases like buying a new car. I like researching different makes and models, […]

Top Link Tracking Strategy Using UTM Parameters in 2019

UTM parameters are a crucial component in any advertising strategy. And what’s best is all it takes to effectively use them is a bit of foresight and organization. It’s REALLY that simple! What are UTMs? “Urchin Tracking Modules” go by a few different names: UTM parameters, UTM tags, UTM codes, and just UTMs. It is […]

Adding products & services to your company’s Google My Business listing

ECW's GMB tips part 2

If you’ve already been utilizing Google My Business and are looking to make your listing further optimized and increase conversions this is the post for you! If you’re new to Google My Business and want to start with the low down on the basics of GMB for Industrial B2Bs check out my previous post for […]

Industrial Marketing + Audience Connection

Connection is a part of everyday life. We choose whether or not to connect with certain people and businesses. The reasons why someone connects with a person or business won’t necessarily be the same as those of another person. This same philosophy can also be applied to industrial marketing, albeit, to a much different degree. […]

Conversion Optimization: CTA Button Best Practices

We all want our websites to be our personal salespeople that are effective. After all, a good website is just that, an investment that has a great ROI. But this isn’t always the case. Even if your site has amazing content and gets in a ton of new users, they still might not be converting. […]

Understanding How Prop 65 Impacts the Industrial Sector

Even though California’s Proposition 65 has been in effect since 1986, questions still arise regarding how the law impacts businesses throughout the U.S. Officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act; this law requires the state to publish and update a list of all chemicals proven to cause cancer or reproductive issues. […]

Google My Business for Industrial B2Bs

GMB Tips from ECW P1

Let’s start with the basics of Google My Business (GMB). The first important thing to know about GMB is that it is free (for now), so why not take advantage of this highly utilized free marketing platform. GMB is Google’s way of handing back some of the power to business owners in terms of what […]

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing One Year Anniversary

As we land on the one-year anniversary of Google implementing mobile-first indexing I thought it would only be appropriate to reflect on the past year and what that has meant from a digital marketing standpoint. Did Google’s implementation of mobile-first indexing resurrect the dinosaurs? No. Did it shake up the entire Search Engine Optimization world, […]