WWW or Non-WWW, That is the Question

A recent spate of questions in the office from clients on whether or not to use a URL with www in it prompted me to write on this topic.  Your website’s address is a critical part, and especially crucial to your SEO.  After all, you want people, search engines, and any benefits associated with links […]

Google Updates

Google has released a few pretty interesting things this week. The first is their browser, Chrome.  Although it might never end up dominating the browser market, it does have some unique features that set it apart from IE and Firefox. •    Each tab is sandboxed.  This means that web applications running in one tab do […]

Google Website Optimizer – Improve your Conversions

Google introduced Website Optimizer as a way to test landing pages for those using AdWords and more recently, as a way to test pages through organic search. It looks like a great way to test how well pages convert so I’ve decided to start with a few clients and see how well it works.  Once […]

Search Engine News Round Up

Here’s a roundup of the goings on in the search engine world: • Mobile phone companies and providers are beginning to make search agreements. Yahoo! and Nokia have signed an agreement to bring the oneSearch Yahoo! application to Nokia devices. This provides one touch access to Yahoo! Search from Nokia devices in Europe, Asia, and […]

Over 70% of searches are made from Google

Google reached its highest market share yet last, accounting for 70.77 percent of all U.S. searches last month. Yahoo came in second with 18.65%, followed by MSN with 5.36% according to HitWise. If you follow your website’s sites analytics, this will come as no surprise. I’ve seen more and more sites getting over 70% of […]

Authority and Content in Google

Some recent discussions in the office have turned towards identifying factors that are keeping some clients’ websites out of the first page of Google’s rankings. The pages may be saturated and optimized for the appropriate term, but something is still preventing that top 10 listing. A couple factors that may be influencing this are authority […]

State of the Search Engines

There’s been a lot of activity in the world of search engines lately. We thought we’d take the opportunity to bring you up to speed on what’s been going on and where they might be headed. Ask In March, Ask announced that they are going to shift the focus of their business to better serve […]

Successful Industrial Site in 12 Months with Google Alone

Over six years ago Brett Tabke wrote a post called Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone in his wildly popular forum dedicated to search engine optimization and webmasters. His post has been referenced time and time again throughout the SEO community as a foundation to building a successful website. Even though Google’s algorithm […]

Explore the SEO Benefits of Customized Dynamic XML Sitemaps!

The subject of sitemaps comes up often in my monthly meetings with SEO clients, and since Google has recently changed it’s requirements of XML sitemaps, I thought I’d talk a little bit about the importance of XML sitemaps and what you can do ensure that you are using your sitemap to its full potential! What […]

Google Continues to Dominate the Market Share

The latest numbers are in from Hitwise and it’s no surprise that Google is still pulling in the majority of search engine traffic. Google had a record 66% of the US market share last month, 3% higher than December 2006. Yahoo comes in a very distant second place with almost 21%, MSN follows with 7% […]