Explore the SEO Benefits of Customized Dynamic XML Sitemaps!

The subject of sitemaps comes up often in my monthly meetings with SEO clients, and since Google has recently changed it’s requirements of XML sitemaps, I thought I’d talk a little bit about the importance of XML sitemaps and what you can do ensure that you are using your sitemap to its full potential! What […]

Google Continues to Dominate the Market Share

The latest numbers are in from Hitwise and it’s no surprise that Google is still pulling in the majority of search engine traffic. Google had a record 66% of the US market share last month, 3% higher than December 2006. Yahoo comes in a very distant second place with almost 21%, MSN follows with 7% […]

301 Redirects – Even Google can make a Mistake

I spent part of my morning discussing this topic with the tech department that hosts one our client’s sites. First of all, let me tell you what it is. It’s a simple command that tells your web browser and the search engines that a web page has been permanently moved to a new location. In […]

Server side vs. Client Statistics: Correct Me if I am Wrong!

I am calling for a little help from our viewers…If you know anything about this topic, please reply or direct me to a great source. So, I was delivering a report to one of my clients. We adapted our reports to reflect the traffic in a month from Google Analytics. I was reporting that his […]

Google Maps – already found a bug

Well, it didn’t take very long;-) I went back to edit my post to change “Here are some examples of what it can do” to “Here is an example of what it can do – ” and guess what? I can’t make any edits on the page! It’s probably not an issue with an html […]

Make it Easy for your Customers to Find You – Google Embedded Maps

As if Google Maps weren’t cool enough. Now you can add a Google map to your blog or website just by copying and pasting a snippet of HTML. In other words – it takes about 5 minutes. The map will have all the same functionality of the Google Maps – clickable, draggable, and zoomable. Here […]

Are the Days Numbered for Google Displaying PageRank?

Probably not, but that isn’t stopping people from talking about it. This post by Ted Ulle (tedster), administrator for Webmaster World – Proposed: Google Should Stop Displaying Toolbar PR? has sparked nearly 200 responses. The opinions are all over the board, and even Google’s Adam Lasnik has chimed in. “PageRank is an important signal and […]

Hilarious Post from Matt Cutts – Undetectable Spam

Matt Cutts always has great information on his site. Today he posted a story that I think is hilarious. Why? Because I talk with people on a regular basis that think they can outsmart the search engines. And some people do – for a little while. But Google (and the other search engines) have some […]