A Guide to Part Number Builders for Industrial E-Commerce Sites

A website is a sales rep or sales engineer that works 24-7. However, just like individual salespeople, some e-commerce sites are better than others. What makes one site more powerful than a competitor? It often boils down to one question: how easy is it to find what I need on this site? Over the years, […]

Local Left Linking and Faceted Search: Can You Have Both?

Clients sometimes ask: “Does adding faceted search to our site mean we have to get rid of our local left navigation?” The answer is no. In fact, you shouldn’t get rid of it. Both local left navigation and faceted search provide essential aid to customers searching for the right product. Take a look at just […]

A Key Difference Between Marketing for Industrial and Consumer Buyers

Similar Game, Different Players You might say to yourself, “Industrial marketing isn’t that different from consumer marketing.” After all, they both come down to one human being clicking the “buy” button on your website. But the truth is, the purchase process for industrial buyer is very different. You need to take these differences into account when […]

The Importance of Asking the Right Questions

Providing Guidance through Inquiry A few years ago, I took a trip to San Francisco. As I wandered through Chinatown, I saw a sign for a free tea tasting. Because I drink a lot of tea, I decided to have a mini adventure, and stepped into the store. Inside the store, there was a long […]

5 Reasons to Choose Faceted Search — Now

Faceted Search is the Future Faceted search is the future of e-commerce. Faceted search organizes information in a way that allows users to filter by feature, and easily find products with the components they desire most. Many major online retailers are rolling out faceted search on their e-commerce sites; soon, e-commerce sites without faceted search […]