Optimizing your Business Website With Keyword Phrases


My last blog post dealt with choosing effective keyword phrases for Business SEO. But once you have your keyword phrases selected, how do you put them to work for you? This post will cover the basics of inserting those keywords onto your website in order to attract more quality traffic. Map Your Keyword Phrases The […]

Beware Bad Mobile Optimization that Hurts Your Industrial Website

Industrial Mobile Websites

We all hear the buzz about mobile devices changing how people use and access the internet. If recent history is any indication, this behavior is only going to increase instead of go away. Recent trend reports covering 2012 mobile subscribers and mobile internet use offer the following eye opening statistics: – Currently, there are 1.5 […]

Keyword Phrases: What you need to know for Business SEO

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What is a Keyword Phrase? A keyword phrase is a 1-4 word phrase that a potential customer might type into their web search in order to find your business. This may or may not be a technical or industry term, depending on who is doing the searching. While an engineer at an OEM may be […]

Keyword Focus Through Good Research

Keyword research is perhaps one the most boring & mundane parts of the SEO to do list when starting a new website project, redesign or arguably when taking a second look at a long running project.   At least that is what most SEO professionals or do-it-yourselfers will say if you ask.   Thankfully for the clients […]

5 Ways to Use Pay Per Click & Organic SEO Together

There’s some debate in the online marketing world as to which is more effective – organic SEO or pay per click (PPC) advertising. SEO often provides greater traffic. PPC takes less time and energy. SEO doesn’t depend on a daily ad spend. PPC is faster to see results. So which one is better? It isn’t […]

Google Analytics – Even Better with Webmaster Tools

Google has announced a pilot to integrate some data from Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics. “The initial release will be a set of reports in Google Analytics using search data from Google Webmaster Tools. This includes query information, clicks, impressions, clickthrough rate, and average position. You’ll also be able to use Google Analytics advanced data […]

Do I have to write more content?

This is a question that I am asked often by clients when I get to the content writing portion of a new website project.  You see, what happens is we will give them what we call a working content document that outlines what they need to have on each page of their website according to […]

New Court Case Sets Precedent for Web Support Companies

In a recent Los Angeles Times article, it was reported that a Utah-based web design and hosting company has been ordered to pay almost $800,000 to Cleveland Golf Co. for knowingly building and promoting a website that sold counterfeit Cleveland golf clubs. According to the article, this case marks the first time that a website […]

Organic vs. Paid – Who Gets the Most Attention?

A new eye-tracking study comparing Google and Bing search results page viewing by User Centric has been recently released. The study was conducted using 24 subject who averaged 48 online searches per week. They came up with some interesting findings. Users focused on the middle column of the page, both organic and paid results Paid […]

Google Makes it Easy to Reach Your International Customers in the Right Language

Have a website with pages which auto-translate certain content (specifically templates like top navigation, etc.) into multiple languages, but keep the bulk of the content the same (in its original language)? Thanks to Google’s outstanding Webmaster know-how, you can give your site easy multilingual translation using just a single URL. This relatively quick and easy […]