How an industrial directory is setting themselves apart – ThomasNet Forums

Recently, ThomasNet announced that they are providing a forum for the industrial marketplace to discuss latest trends, ask questions, and even have a place for marketers to post topics and answer questions. Why is this relevant? It’s relevant for many reasons. 1. They’re the first be aggressive with this! Not the first website to have […]

RFQ Carts: Giving industrial companies an alternative to Ecommerce

Dave from B2Blog posted a great topic about displaying pricing on your website and the pros and cons of doing so. This might not seem on the surface as an industrial search engine marketing issue – it really is, especially when discussing Web 2.0 concepts. Below is an article I wrote about providing an alternative […]

Driving Traffic: “Its not just qualified anymore!”

Sounds strange. With all the hype about qualified traffic, PPC campaigns and increasing conversions, why is unqualified traffic suddenly a good thing? Well, dont run too far with with this, because if you’ve got a paid program in place you might break the bank. However, in some instances, ANY traffic can help your keyword rankings. […]

Can Industrial Businesses Leverage Social Media?

Terms like’social media’, ‘social search’ and ‘web 2.0’ are becoming increasingly more common in SEO and SEM, but have yet to make their way into the vocabulary of most industrial business owners. In fact, most tools that fall under the ‘social’ category

Must-Knows! Why Industrial Companies Are Set Apart When it Comes to SEO.

An industrial search engine marketing blog just wouldn’t be complete with out a post about the differences of optimizing an industrial related site vs. sites in other BtoB markets. While there’s no shortage of information floating around on the web about marketing your website, it can be a trick to set apart the valuable from […]

Yahoo! Integrates “Yahoo! Answers” Into Its Results

In the SEO world, trend forecasting can be hit-or-miss. Interpreting algorithms, identifying user behavior, analyzing data and making predictions – these can be mentally consuming tasks. Needless to say, when the jackpot is hit, it’s time to shout it from the roof tops! Case in point: We’ve been watching Yahoo! Answers for quite some time […]