Why Google’s Base Attribution Model isn’t Accurate for B2B

If you run a business with an online presence, you or your marketing agency have most likely analyzed the traffic and user behavior on your site by using Google Analytics. Among the vast and, at times, confusing capabilities of Google Analytics, one of the most useful tools is the ability to create and track goals. […]

Google’s Latest Algorithm Updates Impact Site Traffic and Image Search Results

On September 27, 2018, Google released a broad core algorithm update that impacted the SERP pages of many websites. Even though Google described it as a small update, marketers noticed that many of their clients’ websites experienced either a sudden spike or drop in site traffic. Then, around October 4,  websites that previously suffered a […]

How Google’s Algorithm Changes Affect SEO

Algorithms are what search engines like Google use to retrieve data and deliver search results that are relevant to your inquiry. The results then appear on the SERP, or search engine results page, and are ranked based on relevance. Google makes changes to its search algorithm hundreds of times per year and while most of […]

Using Google Analytics to Track Offline Marketing Campaigns

industrial trade show

When your business uses offline marketing such as participation in trade shows or publishing print ads, you want to see return on investment.  There may be an increase in your web traffic after these activities, but how do you correlate the two?  Furthermore, how do you evaluate the quality of visitors the campaign brought in? […]

Fake Direct Traffic – Yahoo’s New Crawler?

Yahoo traffic issues in Google

Have you seen a strange boost in direct traffic since December 19, 2012? Has it been steadily growing over the last few months? You might think that it’s your marketing efforts paying off; maybe your branding has finally found fertile ground! Unfortunately that’s not the case. I first discovered the fake traffic several of weeks […]

3 Ways to Track Caller Conversion Sources

A lot of the marketers I work with are frustrated by having too little time or money to accomplish all their marketing goals. “Do more with less” is the expectation – sound familiar? Although we would all like to add more dollars to our marketing budgets, the reality is that we have limitations on our […]

Google Analytics Site Speed Update

Earlier this year, we wrote a post about Google’s new Site Speed reports in Google Analytics. Back then, you had to modify your tracking code to make the Site Speed reports work. Google has now announced that they are making these reports available to everyone, without having to modify your tracking code!

More New Google Analytics Features

As a web analytics junkie – I am so excited about the changes to Google Analytics that have been happening during 2011. (Well, except the whole privacy scam thing, that one left me really frustrated and disappointed.) Yesterday, Google announced some new reports that will help you get a clearer view of how visitors move […]

50 Google Analytics Resources

Are you hearing about the “new” Google Analytics and want to know more about it? Or are you a Google Analytics junkie like me and just can’t get enough data? You’re in luck. Kiss Metrics has a great blog post that lists 50 Google Analytics Resources for 2011. I haven’t had a chance to read […]

Google Analytics Changes How Sessions Are Tracked

Google Analytics is making more changes to increase the accuracy of the data they provide. The latest change impacts the way Google Analytics tracks sessions. Currently sessions end when more than 30 minutes between pageviews have elapsed for a visitor and at the end of the day. Those two items will still trigger the end […]