5 SEO Techniques to Increase your Small Business Traffic

Having an online presence in today’s technology landscape is essential, but it can seem daunting to a small business with an equally small budget. Only 17% of small businesses are actively investing in SEO techniques, meaning the majority are missing out on growth opportunities. While you may think that effective marketing is out of your […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Digital Marketing

When most of us hear the words “artificial intelligence,” we think of robots in old science fiction movies or something out of a futuristic video game. AI, however, is a broad category comprised of different technologies that are already becoming more integral in our digital world. In the digital marketing space, artificial intelligence is having […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: March 6-10, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! We hope you’ve had a great week so far, and have something swell planned for the weekend. Before you head out the door, take a gander at our weekly collection of some of the best and brightest SEO- and digital marketing-related articles from all across he internets. For more information on any […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: February 20-24, 2017

Don’t know how your weekend’s shaping up, but the crew here at Ecreativeworks are all smiles right now—a big, 10-inches-of-snow blizzard that was supposedly headed our way totally missed us.* I’m sure you’re itching to get out the door, just like we are, but before you go, check out our bi-fortnightly compendium of (relatively) fun […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: February 13-17, 2017

Happy New Year! Wait, whaddaya mean “it’s the middle of February”? How is that possible?! I swear New Year’s Day was only like a week ago… Time flies, I guess—unless you’re at work waiting out the clock on a Friday afternoon! To kill some time and (hopefully, potentially) learn something before the weekend begins, check […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: January 9-13, 2017

It’s been a long week, but hey, another day, another donut, amirite? Mmm… donuts… now I’m hungry. Anyway, do yourself a favor and give our weekly roundup a read. It’s got action, adventure, laughs, romance, rousing musical numbers, and/or none of those things! But it does include some of the best and most informative SEO-focused […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: January 2-6 2017

Happy New Year, everybody! We hope your holiday season was merry and bright, and that your 2017 is off to a rip-roaring start. Before you hit the bricks for your first weekend of the new year, take a gander at this week’s compilation of the best SEO-related articles from the past week. Enjoy, and happy […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: August 1 – 5

Happy Friday, dear reader! We hope you had as productive and stimulating a week as we did—we’re getting shtuff done around here, man! But now that the weekend is knocking at the door, we’re ready to hit the bricks and call it a day. Surely you are as well, but before you go, take a […]

What Are H2 Headers and How Should You Use Them?

You probably know that you should have H2 headers on your webpage. H2 headers help organize your on-page content in a way that makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for. But what are they and what is the best way to use them? If you are smart in your use […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: February 29 – March 4

Happy Friday to one and all! For your reading enjoyment, we present our weekly collection of the best and most informative writing from a week’s worth of internets. Enjoy! Search Engine Journal: “How Important are Tags for SEO in 2016?”: They may be only a small component of your overall site, but (most of) the […]