Benefits of Bing Places for Business for Industrial B2Bs

Bing Places: A Simple Tool for SEO Success as an Industrial B2B Company

When it comes to search engine popularity, Google owns a large majority of the market share and is by far the rule maker in the game. As SEOs, it is our job to play by those rules to help our clients appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). As an integral part of this process, we must understand our clients’ businesses and who their customers are.

Working in the niche market of Industrial B2B we understand that our clients’ customers are largely still Googlers, however, we cannot ignore that chunk of traffic coming from Bing each month – and here’s why. Due to the fact that Bing is the default search engine on devices that run Windows, many people don’t really even realize they are using it. They just complete a search on their work computer/tablet/ or mobile phone and become Bingoz.

Why a Bing User May Be a Person of Interest for Business to Business E-Commerce

According to Statista’s dossier on Bing, holding the spot of the second most used search engine, its users are comprised mostly of those in the age group of 45-54 years old. These households are earning an average annual income above one hundred thousand dollars, and 50% of users have obtained a bachelor’s degree and beyond. For many of our clients in the industrial B2B market, this group of people looks a lot like their ideal customer.  The issue is that many business owners are not aware of who is using Bing, and they see it as sort of the ugly second cousin to Google (which I can understand). But with this information on Bing’s user base in mind, one can hopefully observe how optimizing for Bing can potentially bring added value to your business.

How to Start Optimizing for Bing as an Industrial B2B

Now that the need to optimize for Bing has been established, it’s time to learn how to help Bing users find your business easier. One of the fastest and easiest ways you can do this is by using the Bing Places for Business. The steps are simple and easily laid out for you on It’s important that once you’ve claimed and verified your business, that you or your SEO specialist spends time really enriching your profile with information that the end customer needs. Bing Places is for business owners with any number of locations, warehouses, or manufacturing centers and can really help with location-specific searches.

The first two steps to setting up a bing places for buisness profile

Step three to creating a bing places profile

What Can a Bing Places Profile Do for My Industrial B2B Company?

Once your profile is complete, the Bing Places for Business platform is able to give you valuable insights about your business through its built-in analytics. It will show you the number of clicks your business got compared to similar businesses in the area and what users clicked on, whether it be directions, your website, or your phone number. There are opportunities to promote your business by adding deals and discounts as well as setting up a paid campaign in Bing Ads. Organically speaking, if you have a claimed and verified listing with good information about what you do and where you’re located, Bing’s algorithm would be happy to serve that up at the top of the SERPs for a relevant query. Overall, Bing Places is an easy and efficient way to get in front of those valuable Bing users.

Bing Places for Business, Just Do It. Or Have Your SEO Team Do It for You!

In conclusion, although in terms of search engine giants Bing brings in significantly less traffic than Google, its users are oftentimes very qualified leads when it comes to the Industrial B2B market. While it is still incredibly important to always be optimizing for Google and its tools for business owners (Google My Business), it is a great idea to spend the small amount of time it takes to also build out your business presence on Bing. The more visibility in the game of search engines the better – so why not take advantage of a simple way to show up!

Our team at Ecreativeworks works within the Industrial B2B market almost exclusively and has seen a lot of great results for our clients by creating a specialized digital marketing program that aligns with their business goals. If you or a friend needs a little help, guidance, or some extra hands in this arena feel free to reach out to us for more information.

Written by Carson Patton: Digital Marketing Support Specialist at Ecreativeworks

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