Optimizing for Searcher Intent

You’ve spent a lot of time putting powerful SEO techniques into action such as: Implementing links Optimizing for keywords Creating a great combination of internal and external links So you may wonder, why isn’t your site ranking high on Google? Well, a large component you may be missing in your SEO advances is optimizing for […]

Negative Keywords – How & Why To Use Them

What the Heck is a Negative Keyword?! Great question! I’m so happy you asked! (tongue in cheek) A negative keyword is unique to Paid Search/PPC/Pay-Per-Click/SEM/CPC – whatever you prefer to term this crazy subgenre of digital marketing. A negative keyword is a word or phrase that is used to prevent an ad from being triggered […]

Content Strategy + SEO

As someone who has a personal blog, I understand the importance of content. Words matter. Stories matter. The connection to my target audience (and often those outside of my target audience) relies heavily on the content that I publish. Some posts are well-received with high reader engagement while others tend to struggle with little engagement […]