It All Depends…

by Ecreativeworks’ newest author, Julia Johnson

“It depends!” “It depends…” “It depends.” The number one answer in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is always “it depends.” Now it’s clearly obvious that “it depends” can be a very frustrating and stale response, but one thing is for sure, it is often times the most honest response. There are so many questions that we as SEO experts get asked every day, but there is one question in particular we get asked the most and that is “how long does it take for a page to rank in Google?” Guess what?! Yes…You guessed correctly, “it depends.”

There are many key factors that contribute to the “it depends” response. Factors like keyword research, content refresh, link building and Meta factors to name a few.  It really is a process… not just a “oh we have diagnosed the problem so it should be fixed process.” Or the “oh now we have an SEO program, so all is well with the world process.” It is a process that takes time, energy, research, problem solving, communication, trial and error and last but certainly not least TRUST.

Here at Ecreativeworks, we truly understand the process and how to navigate that process because we have a niche. We are a company that focuses on building industrial websites and applications. We live, breathe, and submerse ourselves into the industrial market daily. Therefore we understand the competition, we are familiar with the products, and we share YOUR passion to serve your customers. Now with all that said, we realize that it still does not make the “it depends” answer any less disappointing, but we hope it does add some clarity.

According to Ahrefs blog, the average Top10 ranking page is 2+ years old, and those that rank at the #1 position are almost 3 years old (on average). Ahrefs also states that only 5.7% of all studied pages ranked in the Top10 search results within one year for at least one keyword. So now you see… we are not the only ones saying this, it really does depend.

Does the research above provide the answer for “how long does it take for a page to rank in google?” The answer is simply “No.” But one thing this study does prove is that newly published pages do not usually get on the first page within the first year. However, that does not mean it is impossible. Because this study also proves that newly published pages that do make it to the first page within a year, but they can only do it through hard work. And lucky for you, we at Ecreativeworks pride ourselves on hard work, dedication, and knowledge!

So don’t get discouraged when we say “it depends.” Instead, get excited for the explosive new journey you are about to take! A journey filled with intriguing knowledge, understanding, trial and error, joy, and reaping the fruits of your labor.  With Ecreativeworks, regardless of how long it takes, the journey will always be worth it.

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