Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: April 10-14, 2017

Which came first, the rabbit or the egg?

Which came first, the rabbit or the egg?

Happy (almost) Easter, everyone! If the Easter Bunny lays an egg on Sunday, that means six more weeks of Lent, right? Something like that. Anyway, before you clock for the weekend (which, if you’re lucky, is of the “long holiday” variety), check out our latest compendium of the best and most informative SEO and digital marketing focused writing from the past week. You might learn something!

  • Ignite Visibility: Google Mobile-First Update: A Checklist to Prepare for Success: Google’s switch to a mobile-focused ranking index is upon us. If your company doesn’t have a dedicated mobile website, or a responsive, mobile-friendly version of your “regular” site, your Google rankings could drop. Here’s a list of handy tips to make sure you don’t get left behind.
  • Stone Temple: Mobile vs Desktop Usage: Mobile Grows But Desktop Still a Big Player: The latest numbers show that mobile devices now drive over 55% of all internet use. And, as stories like the first one on this list can attest to, mobile’s only getting bigger. But that doesn’t mean desktop internet usage is dead. This piece shows why you shouldn’t give up on desktop just yet.
  • CNBC: Amazon is becoming a ‘more important search engine than Google,’ says NYU professor: Big and all-encompassing as it is, Amazon is not the right sales venue for every product or company. But if you can sell your products on Amazon, you definitely should—it’s becoming the first place people look to buy almost anything!

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