Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: February 20-24, 2017

Pictured: Not Minneapolis.

Pictured: Not Minneapolis.

Don’t know how your weekend’s shaping up, but the crew here at Ecreativeworks are all smiles right now—a big, 10-inches-of-snow blizzard that was supposedly headed our way totally missed us.* I’m sure you’re itching to get out the door, just like we are, but before you go, check out our bi-fortnightly compendium of (relatively) fun and (hopefully) informative SEO- and digital marketing-focused pieces from the past week in the life of the interwebs. Thanks for reading!

  • SEMRush Blog: The Biggest SEO Challenges and How to Meet Them: A “best of” from SEMRush’s most recent open Twitter chat, this piece presents a Top 5 that really is the Top 5. If you’ve got these five bases covered, your site is already on the right track. If not, give us a call and get crackin’!
  • Search Engine Land: Why UX is pivotal to the future of SEO: User experience, a.k.a. “UX,” is perhaps the most important thing to consider when working on your company’s website. If it’s slow or wonky or awkward, users will bail—and fast! Read on to see if your site is up to UX snuff.
  • Marketing Land: 5 tips for sending an email blast without getting blacklisted: An email blast can be a great way to quickly connect with a high number of current, former, or potential customers. It can also very easily go sideways. Use this handy checklist to make sure you’re emailing the right way—or, get an assist from Ecreativeworks!

* Sorry, people south of the Twin Cities who did get walloped!

Photo credit: Barbara L. Hanson via / CC BY

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