Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: July 11 – 15

bacon road

Next week there’s supposed to be a heatwave that will blanket the Midwest and turn us all into bacon with eyes. But that’s next week. Apart from a storm forecast for Sunday, things should be relatively calm in our neck of the woods. Whether you plan to spend the weekend basking on a beach, roasting marshmallows over a fire or hiding in the air conditioning, do some reading before you head off to engage in your preferred activity. Each week, Ecreativeworks gathers the week’s most informative articles and serves them to you on one convenient virtual platter:

1. Tech.Co: 5 SEO Scams that are here to stay: There’s a reason why nefarious individuals reinvent the same scams over and over again: they work. In the SEO world, there are scammers who are the equivalent of penny stock pushers — they promise a lot and deliver little. Fortunately, red flags are easy to spot if you know what to look for. This article will help you spot SEOs that are just after your cash.

2. Industrial Marketing Today: Industrial Marketing Content Fails to Engage with the Target Audience: According to this article, 65% of industrial marketers say that creating engaging content is the hardest part of their job. Often, the best solution is to work with people who specialize in content creation and know how to take information from you and make it engaging for users on the web.

3. Entrepreneur: 7 Reasons You Should Stop Managing Your SEO and Hire a Pro: We agree with these. Every last one of them.

Photo credit: plong via Source / CC BY

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