Manufacturing’s Image Problem

And How You Can Correct It

old factory

Manufacturing suffers from an image problem — people think it looks like this. Show them what it really looks like! Photo credit: arturry / Foter / CC BY-SA

Google “manufacturing image problem” and you’ll see a slew of articles on the topic; bizarrely, the top result is on John Ratzenberger’s website. If you don’t see the connection between the guy who played Cliff Clavin on Cheers  for eleven seasons and manufacturing, you’re in good company because I don’t either. However, it is clear that there is a problem with manufacturing, and that is people think it’s dark, dirty and dangerous — an un-glamorous job. That makes it hard for manufacturers to attract the kind of talent that gives them a competitive edge. Fortunately, there is an easy way to combat this problem. Several easy ways, in fact.

1. Have a State-of-the-Art Website

One of the misconceptions about manufacturing is that it is “stuck in the 50s.” What better way to counter that than to have a website built using the latest technologies, such as responsive design, 3D CAD drawings and multi-media integration? Additionally, you can use your website to show the world what your manufacturing facility really looks like. Use photos to show that your manufacturing floor is clean, bright and well-organized. Kill the myth that manufacturing work is dangerous and dull by bringing in a video camera and making a film that shows your employees doing challenging work in a safe environment.

2. Broadcast on Social Media

It can be tough for B2B companies to figure out the best way to use social media. But in this case it’s clear: you can use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest to challenge misconceptions about manufacturing. Post images and videos on your social media channels. Blog about your latest developments and innovations, and post those to your social channels too. Engage with others on social media and answer questions about manufacturing. One of the best ways to change the way people perceive you is to stand up and make them hear your voice.

3. Get in their Inboxes

In your monthly newsletter, be sure to include a section that highlights a different employee in each edition. That way, people can see first-hand that your employees are young, hip and happy with their jobs.

Want More Ways to Fix the Image of Manufacturing?

Changing minds about manufacturing isn’t as difficult as it may seem. All it will take is a little bit of elbow grease and consistent effort — something manufacturers are already great at! You deserve to be seen the way you really are. Contact Ecreativeworks to discuss ways to improve the way the world sees manufacturing — and your company.


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