LinkedIn Proving to be Best Social Media Site for B2B Companies

linkedin and b2b companies

Are you a B2B company struggling to use social media effectively? Are you unsure which platform is the most useful? Are you currently using social media, but with little success? Are you seeking ways to increase your company’s social media conversions?

No worries. We’ve got some information that will help kick your B2B social media into high gear.

Several recent studies have shown that, for B2B social media effectiveness, no other forum beats LinkedIn. LinkedIn has been shown to drive the most traffic to commercial B2B websites, and to generate almost thrice as many visitor-to-conversion leads as Twitter and Facebook. Nearly 80% of small- to medium-sized business utilize LinkedIn for marketing purposes, and, in a recent survey of LinkedIn’s 50,000-member B2B Technology Market community, 85% of responders said that LinkedIn has been the most effective social network for marketing. And, a number of planned, upcoming changes to the LinkedIn platform are poised to create even more marketing opportunities—and more effective ones, at that.

The Ecreativeworks team knows how to make the most of your company’s LinkedIn presence. (Visit our LinkedIn page to see our expertise in action!) We offer complete social media optimization services to complement our monthly Internet Marketing programs. We have extensive experience with all social media platforms, and will work with you to create the best, most effective online presence for your business.

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