Keyword Research: Getting Started

Let’s sit down together and have a little talk about how we should tackle your  keyword research  with your new website or even a simple redesign (adding SEO in, if you have not before).  First thing I would like to talk about is how we should start thinking about what keyword phrases to brainstorm:

1.  Think of phrases that are more than 1 word (this will eliminate a lot of the “broad phrases” that may come to mind).

2.  Think of what your core or base business is about and how people may be searching for it (although a good SEO will find “out of the box” terms in their research that may surprise you).

3.  Think about what the pages of your site are going to be about (this is important:  if you want to rank for a phrase-you will need to have a page about it on the site).

4.  When you think your list is complete, check to be sure you didn’t leave out any major phrases that bring in lots of $ to your business.

Ok, now we have a list of phrases to get started with.  Next you will hand them over to me and I (or your SEO professional that you are working with) will conduct some rather extensive keyword research.  We will look at some of your competitors, your existing site (if you have one), your analytics reports (if you have them), pages of your new navigation to get started with variations of the initial list and to come up with similar or even (out of the box) terms.  Once we have arrived at what looks like a pretty comprehensive list of phrases that may work well for your site, we can plug them into one of many tools available to us.  These tools generally give us the metrics to decide if they are worth “going after”.  We use all kinds of numbers like; search volume, search engine competition and many others.  Now we can put together a comprehensive summary that will tell you which phrases will be the most beneficial to focus on.  Now, what I want you to remember is that there may be 100’s if not 1,000’s of different keyword phrases that will drive traffic to your site–we cannot focus on that many at the start.  I will tell you that we need to focus on 1-3 key phrases per page of your site at this stage of your SEO program.  When you have some good solid rankings and traffic for these phrases, then and only then can you start to think about adding new phrases into the mix.  Not to get off topic here, but when you decide to do that, keep in mind you will need more content to support them.

Back to my topic:  Keyword Research needs to have a highly focused approach to be successful.  The more focus you have in the beginning, the easier it will be to rank for the base terms that you need to be found for.  Which in turn will drive more traffic to your site and generally a side effect of that is focused traffic and they are the type of visitors you want.  Thus increasing your conversion rate and ROI.  Now that is what I believe you wanted the website to do for you.  Am I right?

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