Let’s Build it Together

If you are like me, you may consider yourself a “jack-of-all-trades” kind of person.  I myself like to know as much as I can about everything and many times think I can do just about whatever it is that I put my mind to .  But, there are just some things that you need to be an expert at and being just “Ok” won”t cut it.   I have come across this a few times in my personal and professional life.  One time that comes to mind is when I was trying to fix my car and once I got into the area I needed to be I decided that I need a professional to do this for me (I am in over my head here).   Does that sound like you?  I know many professionals that often like to think they can tackle every aspect of their business, but soon find that their expertise is just their business and not something that another professional can do better that them.

What I am getting at here is, I know that you are the best expert there is on selling xyz widget or manufacturing abc product.  But, do you really know how to market your business online, set up your website navigation, implement great SEO strategies, etc?   I am going to guess that this process would be best left to the experts.

Companies like Ecreativeworks,  pride themselves on being the experts in their industry (industrial website design).   Although, we also have experts within our own walls.  We have web designers who specialize in web design.  We have programmers and developers that each specialize in a different aspect of code building.  We have copywriters, who write a mean piece of copy for those sites.  We have SEO specialists who also are experts in different aspects (ecommerce, social marketing, video, blogs, the list goes on).  So you can see that we take our positions very seriously and want to help the industrial world make their mark on the internet the best we can.

Now “Let’s Build it Together.   If we can take your product knowledge/expertise and combine that with our website building knowledge we can have a great outcome.   You will be able to say that you have the best possible company working hard to build you a website that will function properly, gain visibility in the search engines and keep visitors on the site until they are ready to make a purchase, fill out a request for quote or contact us form.   Bottom line, you will have a site that converts well because you relied on the experts to take your industry expertise and apply it to the internet in a way that will be successful.

So, now that you know you need to hire a professional to redesign or build your website make sure you take one more step.  Talk at length with that company about what they plan to do for you.  Make sure it involves proper code building techniques for a great user experience, make sure they have great designers that will put your vision in great graphics, make sure they have SEO professionals that will work through your project from start to finish (not an afterthought), and finally make sure they have great project managers to see you through the steps of this exciting process.

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