Google Analytics – Even Better with Webmaster Tools

Google has announced a pilot to integrate some data from Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics.

“The initial release will be a set of reports in Google Analytics using search data from Google Webmaster Tools. This includes query information, clicks, impressions, clickthrough rate, and average position. You’ll also be able to use Google Analytics advanced data filtering and visualizations with this data.”

This news is incredibly exciting for internet marketers, especially those who value the data they are used to seeing from PPC campaigns. Impressions, clicks clickthrough rates can provide invaluable data for optimizing title and meta descriptions and keyword effectiveness . Average position data can help us get a more accurate picture of our visibility, rather than relying on checking rankings at a specific moment in time.

Even though this data is available currently in Google Webmaster Tools, it will be very convenient to have it in one location, making Google Analytics an even stronger tool in your online marketing toolbox.

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