Sizing up the competition: Can I beat them?

If you don’t follow me regularly on this blog, I work primarily with new website projects and one thing that I do on a regular basis is size up the competition for my clients.  What happens is, my client will give me a list of around 5 websites of companies that they feel are their biggest competitors.  What happens after I research them and give my feedback often times surprises them.  I will admit that when I first started doing this, I was also many times surprised by my findings.  You see, often the companies that they thought were their competitors are not at all in the online world.   I see it many times that their offline nemesis is but a pure mouse in the online world.  To their surprise I show them why their competitor will be easy to overcome in the search engine rankings.  To this they say..”let’s bury them!”  Ok, they don’t all say that, but I know they are thinking it.

Now, you ask:  “how do you know you can beat them?”.  To this I reply:  All of those negative comments about how they are running their SEO program or the lack of, we will make sure your site has all those elements to give your website the base to compete right out of the gate.  After that it is up to you to decide if you would like to take your site to the next level and hire a SEO expert to watch your site every month or hire in house to do the same.  But, I say: “you must have an ongoing SEO effort to get to the very top and stay there.”   I can give you the basics and a good foundation, but like any marketing, it needs to be an ongoing process that you invest time and money into to be successful.

Bottom line:  SEO is your best bet to beat out your competition, especially if you are a smaller company you have a great advantage as SEO requires agility–and most large firms do not have that ability.  So, do it your own or take my advice and hire a professional.

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