Ecreativeworks’ Trackable Social Share Icons Plugin for WordPress Now Available

Earlier this week, Ecreativeworks officially released a brand new Trackable Social Share Icons plugin for WordPress. It can be downloaded for free at

Our Trackable Social Share Icons plugin adds two important and incredibly useful features to your blog:

1)       It adds social media icons, for Facebook, Twitter, etc, to the bottom of your blog posts, pages, and excerpts. You can choose which icons you want to appear, what order they’re in, and what size they are. You can also pick from 12 different icon styles.
2)       Using your site’s Google Analytics, the Trackable Social Share Icons plugin tracks all clicks on those icons. None of the tracking information is shared with Ecreativeworks or any third party. Only those with access to your Google Analytics can see this information.

We created the Trackable Social Share Icons plugin for Ecreativeworks clients who are utilizing our custom WordPress blog services. There are a plethora of social media sharing plugins already available for WordPress, but none of them offered all three of the features that our new plugin does: Google Analytics tracking, customizable looks, and no third party information sharing.

Ecreativeworks’ new WordPress plugin works like a charm. Just install it on your WordPress blog, and that’s it. The default setting will add icons for Facebook, Twitter, and email to the bottom of your posts and pages. You can fiddle with the setup to include whichever icons you want, in any of the dozen available styles. There are additional icons for Digg, Reddit, and other popular social media outlets, as well.

The Google Analytics tracking is even easier to use. Once the Trackable Social Share Icons plugin is installed, it will sync with your site’s Google Analytics, and…Shazam! Instant, automatic click tracking for all your icons. It really is that simple.

We decided that our new WordPress plugin is just too good to keep only for ourselves and our clients, so we’ve made it available FOR FREE. Download the Trackable Social Share Icons plugin from today and see for yourself just how swell it is.

Kudos to Mike, the Ecreativeworks developer who built the plugin. Well done, good sir, well done.

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