Let’s Get Focused

I’ll admit that when I picked this title the first thing that came to mind was the old Olivia Newton John song, “let’s get physical”.  Don’t ask me why,  but it just got in my head and now I can’t get it out ( I may have just dated myself).  So, back to my title of getting focused, I will do just that for this post and also talk about how you can and should do this with your own website.  This is important for any site, but in particular your industrial website.   You see, the people that are coming to your industrial site will want to be told answers to exactly what they were searching for when they found your site on the world wide web.

How I like to start out any SEO project is to get a good base list of Keyword phrases that are matched to a particular page of the navigation.  Usually this entails 1-3 focus phrases per page, which gets me to my famous analogy of the shotgun or rifle approach.  Not if I were hunting I would want the shotgun, because I can just start spraying bullets everywhere and hit everything in site.  On the other hand I look at your website as more of a competitive shooting range that I need to be able to hit a specific target to win big.  So when you are starting your website project we want to really focus our “sites” like a rifle at the target, pick a few keywords and kick some search engine butt with those.  After we get great rankngs and traffic we can then start to work on the longtail versions and get all the peripheral traffic.  If we go with the shotgun approach and spray keywords everywhere, we won’t have enough focus to tell the search engines what we intended each page to be about (bad idea and bad for rankings).

You see at this point we want the search engines to know exactly what we were intending on each and every page of  our site.  So picking a few keyword phrases for each page and giving them steroids (another analogy that one of my co-workers likes to use) is the ideal plan of attack.    After we have decided on those focus phrases and matched them to their respective pages, we can then be focused on our writing of content on said pages.  Hopefully this is all making sense to you–it is in my head anyway.  Sometimes things don’t make it to the paper as I see them in my head, which is why I have some great project managers that accompany me in most of my presentations with clients.   They have a great knack for translating my thoughts into words that make sense.

I am hopeful that after reading this, you will go back to your site to see if you are indeed focused on what you were really intending to accomplish with your website in relation to being found on the search engines.  I think that you will find the more focused your pages, the higher your ranking, which in turn will show higher traffic and that should translate into higher sales.   If that is your goal to make money, then woohoo we will have done what we wanted the day you decided to build that website.

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