SEO Moonshine & New Websites

How is SEO like moonshine you may be asking yourself right now after reading my rather weird title this week?   First off I will explain:  I am a “moonshiner” of sorts in my spare time.  I have a little hobby making my own beer in a small 2 ½ gallon fermenter after which I bottle myself—and yes drink most of it myself also as no one else in my house is a beer drinker (I do share with the neighbors on occasion though).  Getting back to the SEO point of this post:  When I start the brewing process of my beer, I start by arranging, mixing and heating all of the appropriate ingredients that will provide the desired taste (result that I am after)… You see SEO is the same, at the start of a website project you need to get your keywords, navigation, and content together, mix them and be ready for launch.

The next step in my beer (moonshine) making process is to wait for all of the ingredients to work properly with the yeast that was added.  Now with my website project I launched and then submitted my xml sitemap to the search engines (the yeast here).  Now we just need to wait a little while to see what will happen.  Are my ingredients working?  This is where it is a little easier to have a website project than a moonshine operation.  You can actually see the rankings and traffic rise each day if you put things together properly.  In my beer making I have to wait it out and hope for the best.

Next I would be bottling my beer which will include adding another ingredient to start the carbonation process—then wait again.  Your website will also need to have some more SEO tweaks done at this point, after a few months you should reevaluate your keywords, traffic and all the data you have.   You can then add some ingredients to make it perfect (although remember this is an ongoing process).

Now one big difference is that after just a month or so, I can enjoy my beer and then have to start over again.  Your site however is going to continue to ferment and get better & better every month if you have started with the right ingredients.  It will also continue to grow the more content you add.

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