LinkedIn Instruction Video You Have to See!

Let’s start off with a disclaimer on this one:  I am not an affiliate of LinkedIn or getting any kind of kickback for promoting them.  Ok, that being said, I am a big fan of the LinkedIn networking site.  It can be so useful for the industrial marketing community and for just about any other business type out there.  A business can network for leads, ideas, or even employees.  Speaking of the latter, LinkedIn is in fact how I found the career I am currently in.  Of course I can go on and try to explain everything that can and should be used with LinkedIn, but guess what they have made some really cool videos to show you that themselves.  What is really cool, is how they have gone “old school” with them.  I think that this is just brilliant: I mean how great to connect with business owners than through humor and basic relevant information without all the advertising bull to wade through.  Oh, I guess there are some hints at their monetary versions of placing ads on the site, but pretty subtle and with lots of good free info on how to leverage their site.  Here  is one of the videos that I really enjoyed:

So, for your company’s sake, get LinkedIn today. This may just be a great place to find leads, educate your customers, entice great future employees, gain credibility and much more. Not ready for social marketing? This will be a great first step and arguably the best one for any industrial small business.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to for turning me onto this cool video–they posted this in their blog this week also. Thanks for the great post.

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