Industrial Search Engine Marketing

Wow, what an all-encompassing title that is.  I know you are thinking, I run a small job shop and don’t know what that means; ” Why do I need something called Industrial Search Engine Marketing?”     I would like you to take a step back and break this apart to see what you really need.

1.  You are in the Industrial Market.  Right?

2.  You want to be found on the Search Engines (Google). Right?

3.  Now look at what is left:  Marketing, now that is really what you need.

Many independent small industrial job shops take a look a the title of the post and “freak out” immediately, when all they need to do is remember that what SEO ultimately means is Marketing—the Search Engine part is just the means to get that message to the end user.  So, my first piece of advice for those that are overwhelmed by all the acronyms and long titles we use in our industry is to:

1.  Forget about Social Media

2.  Forget Search Engines

3.  Forget the Internet

JUST FOCUS on MARKETING, I will say it again Marketing.   No mater where you want your message seen, heard or communicated there are three basic principles you need to know:

1.  Show Up  (speak where people will  hear your message, that will make you be found).

2.  Communicate  (clear, simple messages)

3.  Connect (respond to questions, help your customers with problems)

Now if you equate this to the internet, you will see how simple it becomes.  Show up & do your keyword research to be found in the search engines, write good content that is easy to read and understand, respond quickly to your forms on your site or have a great Q/A section to do this for you while they are still checking you out.   Your website can be a great source of information & sales opportunities, so get to work on showing up, communicating and connecting to your online customers.

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