Is it time to redesign your site?

Hold on…before you go and leave this post because you don’t want to hear the latest trends in graphic design, or how making your site look fresher will increase your online business by X%.  I would like to talk about what your site may really need in a redesign.   I am talking about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.   I am assuming  that your site when it was originally built was done so with no before thought of SEO at all.  Given this, your redesign can be much more than a “pretty new look”, it can actually have a big impact on where your site will show up in the SERP’s ( Search Engine Results Pages).  We all know that if you want to make money, be a definitive source for information or just show that you are the company to go to when you need X product you will have to show up within the first 3 pages of google, yahoo or Bing.  To do this, you can get a big jump by incorporating the SEO team from the start.

The First step will be to choose the right keywords.   The SEO team will ask you what your priorities are and which terms that are very important to your business.  They will then do their “magic” ( that is “white hat” magic if you hire the right SEO team to research these and other terms from your existing website, competitors, etc.   Once these terms are decided on by both the Website owner and the SEO professional it is time for Step 2.

Next, you need to take a close look at your navigation.  When you combine the SEO, usability and technical skills of the developers and designers you will come out with a navigation that is easy to use, easy to manage, and the search engines really like.  Within this process you will also  have to match your keyword phrases to those new navigation pages that you have just created.  Again with some help from the SEO and development teams this will be a breeze.

After all this is done it is time to work on the content of the site.  This is the most important step to have the SEO team involved.  They will ensure that your on and off page content is optimized for the search engines and give you a much better shot at  hitting that first page in google.

If you are reading this and thinking:  I am going to need some help with this.  You are in luck, I happen to know a team of designers, developers, and SEO professionals that will walk you through each step with professionalism you will not find anywhere else.  Feel free to contact them when you are ready to redesign your site:

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