Tips on Copywriting for Your Industrial Website

Do you ever go through those moments when you can’t write; the days when your brain feels dry, as if nothing is able to be squeezed out of it? Do you ever have a hard time finding the words to use that will best describe who you are and what you can do? Writing for the industrial market can be difficult. Separating yourself from every other company that seems to do pretty much the same thing is important yet how can you write about what you do without making it sound like every other website?

The top things to consider when writing content for your website are:

1. Who is your general audience?
2. How do you want people to perceive your company? (e.g. professional, casual…)
3. What services/products/manufacturing methods do you use or sell?
4. What separates your company from your competition? Why do customers choose your business over others?
5. What is the first thing that people need to know about each of your products/services?
6. How has your company improved or expanded since your beginning?

By writing high quality content, you are selling your company to the people you are targeting. Create a list of everything you do and make sure to include it on your site. You can also highlight the products or services that you use most throughout your entire site. Create links to other pages within your site on all your content as it’s important to link your site together.

Never copy from someone else’s site for your own content. Not only is this plagiarism, but it’s also blacklisted from google. Word your information differently as well. Put your most important information at the top and use bullet points. Search engines love seeing a lot of content which can be stressful for many people. Yet as long as you focus on the top 6 things to consider, writing out 300-500 words (typically the recommended amount) shouldn’t be overly difficult. Remember, this is no time to be shy, instead, tell your audience everything you can do for them. By stating it all out, you’re not bragging or overselling yourself. You’re just being honest.

To find out more about writing websites, contact us. We can help you understand the ins and outs of industrial website content. Visit our website to see a list of case studies that show strong, quality copywriting.

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