How to Avoid the Duplicate Content Penalty in the Industrial Marketplace

If Google thinks your site is using duplicate copy, or if another site is using the same copy as you, then there’s a chance it could hurt your site’s visibility and rankings. Here are some ways to keep this from happening.

Duplicate Manufacturer Copy: If you use online resellers to sell your industrial products, than this could affect your website. Sometimes resellers will use your copy word for word on their own websites instead of taking the time to rewrite it. Ideally Google should reward your site for the content, but this isn’t always the case. It’s possible the reseller will be given the credit and your pages will not rank.

Solution: If your resellers use your copy, they need to link back to your site from those pages. Or, make sure they only use small amounts of your copy, a paragraph at most per page

Little or No Content: If your pages only have one or two sentences different, Google may consider these pages duplicates.
Solution: Write longer descriptions for each product or service. We know in the industrial world this can be a challenge. So as a quick fix, you can write unique, descriptive title tags and meta description tags.

Printer Friendly Pages: If your site offers printer friendly pages for your industrial consumers, these will be considered duplicate content.
Solution: Ask your developer to use special tags (called no index, no follow) on your pages to tell Google to exclude these pages.

Other Issues: There are other issues that come up which are more complicated but happen less frequently. To read more about these, visit Google’s Blog.

The best way to make sure every page of your site is listed in Google is to have unique meta descriptions and titles, and at least 3 – 4 paragraphs of unique copy on every page. Exclude your printer pages and keep an eye on what your resellers are publishing on their site. If you do this, you should not fall into the duplicate content trap!

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