Consumer Behavior Overview 101 | Aligning Online with Offline Marketing Campaigns

Good Afternoon and Happy New Year! We hope that everyone had a safe Christmas Holiday and will have fun, but again, safe New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! Welcome 2008!

I was doing some research this morning, trying to get an article idea for our December newsletter and I came across a few different articles talking about consumer behavior and making sure that your online marketing efforts corresponded with your offline marketing efforts. I am going to give you a brief run down – for those that might need a reminder to align your marketing efforts into the same path and message.

Your online marketing campaign is as important as your offline campaign. The message you send across in your print advertisements and correspondences should be the same message you are sending via your online marketing efforts.

You probably had your offline or traditional marketing efforts in place for quite some time now. Here are a few things to consider:

1. What is your message? What are you promising? Is your website offering the answer to your message, does it guarantee to fulfill your promise? Make sure this corresponds.

2. Does your traditional marketing pieces have your web address place prominently on them?

3. Does both your online marketing & traditional marketing efforts provide a number, email or different ways to create action and convert customers?

To refresh our memory on the consumer buying behavior here is a graph that I found from a blog called Information Design.

Consumer Behavior Graph & Process of Design to Development

This graph reinforces the importances of aligning marketing campaigns. A potential client will always look to gain more knowledge before they make a purchase. After an advertisement of any sort is seen a client will look to gain more information if the first ad caught their attention.
One of the best ways to educate your client is through your website. After they see a print advertisement for your company, they will try to remember your web address and go to your website to learn more. You want to provide the client with the information they may be looking for, so they don’t leave your site to go to a competitor or have to dig to find information on you.

Create your website to be a one stop information shop about your company, the products or services you provide, what you have given to the community and what others have to say about you. You can help a potential client have a positive impression before they even pick up the telephone or submit an online inquiry.

Every once in a while it doesn’t hurt to step back and think about who your proceed as a consumer. What actions do you take? What information are you looking for? Write that down, have a few other people in the office conduct the same task, combine your lists and adjust your marketing efforts of your company most likely you are researching similar to your customers. Take the time to get your marketing efforts aligned. It will pay off in the long run!

Happy New Year!

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