Crafty Link bait Ideas For Industrial Companies

Online Marketing and Link Baiting for Industrial B2B Companies

Yes, it can be done. Using ‘link bait’ to attract links in order to boost search engine positioning is a tactic that even the most boring, barren, technical websites can employ.
We’re not implying that industrial or other B2B sites are boring and barren. Not in the least. Usually though, the type of information found on these sites would appear that way to the type of audience who is actively looking for opportunities to link to interesting content. These include bloggers, SEOs, and other web savvy folk. While you can generate good links naturally from related industries, you cannot pander to this audience with link bait. The won’t distribute your links for you. They are an industrial audience. Perhaps they’ll work as a small stream of traffic for you, but not as providers of thousands of awesome links that will boost your keyword positioning.
With this premise set, let’s talk more about link bait for industrial sites. Here’s what Danny from Search Engine Land Says:
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Find a way to make your topic relate to needs of nerds or a large group of society that frequently expresses their opinion online. It doesn’t have to direct match fitting your product, just roughly match fitting your topic such that it looks legitimate. The goal of link bait is to bilk $1,000’s of link authority at a low price. If the link bait is perfectly on topic and you get mind share / readers / sales that rocks even better.
With most link bait you are not trying to gain topical expert links…more likely citations from people with a mild interest in the topic (and how you related it to their nerdy interests). Selling link bait to subject matter experts means you have to invest far more into creating a high quality piece of content. It is still doable, of course, but you just have to either focus more on the interests and biases of a particular individual or really know what is likely to be talked about in your field.
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Link Bait does indeed take more time to craft cast out then it does to conceptualize. So here’s a starting point for you:
Link bait is content used to attract links to your website. Articles, videos, images, any kind of content can be submitted to online communities such as digg, reddit, youtube, and more…”

Industrial Link Bait for a Short Run Metal Stamping Company – Article – Metals Over-Run Society: Little Known Symptoms of Metal Toxicity

( Talks about common toxicities and their symptoms – nickle, mercury, aluminum, etc. [You may be asking “Where’s the benefit?” Obviously this is inappropriate content for a website. Right. But it’s not inappropriate to distribute – people will read this, and visit your site. Google will take notice of your increased traffic.])
Industrial Link Bait for a Water Filtration Company – Article – Scientist Reveals Water Knows What You’re Thinking!(Write a review of Dr. Emoto’s Books on Water Crystal Formation, its responsiveness to human thoughts and emotion.)

Industrial Link Bait
for an Electrical Supply Company – Top 10 List: – “Top 10 Alternative Uses for an Eaton Cutler Hammer ” Hmm… Fun.

Industrial Link Bait For A Military Optics Company – Photos on Flickr or Video Tour on YouTube – “Inside an Optical Engineering Laboratory”

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