I Have Industrial Business Blog… ( Now What? )

To every B2B company out there striving for first page Google placement, we say, These are changing times. A standard 5 page site brochure type site will never see the top of the SERPS in todays competitive online market. These days virtually every business is engaging in ‘on page’ SEO methods to gain rankings, which is ultimately forcing a new SEM model into the top spot as “the new top ranking tool.” We’ve talked about social search, industrial directories, link building, and other ‘off page’ topics. But one area that will quickly leave behind the unprepared is business blogs.

I think a lot of industrial business owners try and ‘fake’ their blog. They start a business blog because ‘they have to.” What’s important to understand, is that you CAN have an authentic, successfully maintained and trafficked blog even if your topic isn’t as web savvy as the blogosphere itself. We understand that industrial business owners aren’t necessarily captivating writers. However, by first understanding a few key concepts, and then by following a few key steps, your business blog, can in fact become more successful than perhaps you think.

Because Industrial business owners are experts in… well… their industrial businesses, we’re going to reveal some of the mystery behind the blogosphere and set a template for creating the best business blog in your industry. Brace yourself… we’re giving away all our goodies!

A Business Blog Can Only Be Ranking Tool if it Provides Valuable Content to a Niche Audience.

A blog without traffic is useless, and the most effective way to gain traffic is to earn it. This is the principle of attraction above promotion. Remember that the goal here is to attract links by becoming a resource. What do your readers want to know? What kind of information do you have to share? Plan your message, and stick to it. Write in a way that appeals to your audience.

A Successfull Blog Appeals to ‘Linkers’

This is the point where so many industrial bloggers get stuck. For a blog to really take off, it needs links. If your audience isn’t the web-savvy blog-gor-ific link-duelling type, (which they probably are not if you’re starting an industrial business blog) you’ve got to focus on form as well as content. The does still apply. however, in order to achieve things like getting hits on digg, getting your blog on other blog rolls and in social bookmarks, you must convey your content in a unique, web savvy way. Put video on your blog. Inject some creativity. Tell a story. If all else fails, ride the coat tails of other news stories. If your a robotics company, talk about the new “Human Robots” that the british are developing!!! (Credits to BBC.Co.UK)

A Successful Business Blog is Well Maintained.

Our last post was 9 days ago. Traffic graphs don’t lie. ‘Nuff said.

A Succesfull Business Blog is Well Optimized.

This point is often highly neglected. What many bloggers fail to note is that a blog can be optimized much in the same fashion as a website, but with a few blog – specific twists:

– Host your business blog on it’s own domain
– Name your categories after targeted key phrases
– Provide ping backs and internal links to other blog posts, and to your website using anchor text
– Set your URL preference as your post’s title
– When planning your post, first do keyword research. Saturate your post with highly searched phrases.
– Use heading and formatting tags for important phrases within your post.

A Successfull Business Blog Requires Participication and Promotion.

If you want community to embrace you, you must first embrace the community.

– Post comments on other blogs (Search technorati for posts relating to topics you’ve written about. Cross reference! Start a dialogue!)
– Add blogs to your blog roll (share traffic)
– Research the best blog directories, and submit your blog to all of them. (Be availble)
– Link to your blog in your email signature, and print the domain on your advertizing materials
– Submit your posts as articles at free article directory sites. Link back to your blog and to your website.
– Visit digg.com, zimbio.com
– Submit white papars to techrepublic, manufacturing.net and other industreial portals. Link to your blog.

A Successfull Blogger Stays Focused!

Remember your purpose is to provide value. Getting lost in promotion and optimization can sometimes mean less time spent providing good content to your audience, which by now we know is the back bone of blog success.

In Conclusion:

– Pick (Your Audience)
– Plan (Your Message)
– Provide (Valuable Content)
– Attract (links from your niche audience)
– Focus on Form (for your web savvy linkers)
– Maintain (post frequently)
– Optimize (to gain search engine traffic)
– Particpiate and Promote (embrace the community)
– Stay Focused (on your message)

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