More FREE keyword research tools!

In light of Overture’s inability to support the search queries performed on their servers, both Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker have stepped to the plate and are now offering free services. Both providers have traditionally offered trial versions of their tools with limited functionality and a subscription based service offering.According the the Search Engine Watch Blog, Overture has said that they are developing a new API later this year. . . I think that by the time that comes into play, many people will already be dependent on one of the newer free tools. Unless, of course, they develop something absolutely amazing.

Both free tools will display up to 100 results for a keyphrase. I’ve not had a chance to play around with either one, but I’m interested in getting feedback from you as to which one you like better.

Let us know which one your prefer. Don’t forget, we have a bunch of free SEO tools posted here, as well. Enjoy!

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