How an industrial directory is setting themselves apart – ThomasNet Forums

Recently, ThomasNet announced that they are providing a forum for the industrial marketplace to discuss latest trends, ask questions, and even have a place for marketers to post topics and answer questions.

Why is this relevant? It’s relevant for many reasons.

1. They’re the first be aggressive with this! Not the first website to have a board, of course. But the first Industrial Directory to actively market this. Usually the first to market, keeps the lion’s share of the market. Unless you’re Google, and they’re positioned to take over the planet. GlobalSpec has a forum – that no one knows about – so ThomasNet can be the Google of the Industrial Directories.
2. FREE TRAFFIC. People should be FLOCKING to the boards. This is a great way to generate FREE traffic to your site. You don’t even have to be an advertiser to use this board. If nothing else, post an answer or ask a question ONCE a week, and I can pretty much guarantee you that you will get traffic.

3. One more step towards 2.0ness. What is 2.0ness? A made up phrase. BUT, read my post about becoming 2.0 friendly and this will make sense to you. Consider it an easy way to start building your internet Karma.

4. The ThomasNet Forum will be a really great way to increase your procrastination time at work. Seriously. As you start posting and become a regular, you will actually enjoy posting and interacting with other regulars. And in the end the Free Traffic and building your online reputation will come back and you’ll see a boost in business.
Unless you post all day, in which case your business won’t boost. So keep your internet time in check!

Personally, my team will be answering questions in the Marketer’s Lounge, so you if have a question relating to industrial search engine marketing… just email us here or post on the ThomasNet forums.

Happy Posting!

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