SES Chicago Day Two: B2B Tactics

The B2B Tactics session had some great insights into things an industrial company must keep in mind when evaluating their online marketing. The most important element is to understand what the end user is coming to your site for.
> Research
> Compare
> Purchase

This cycle may last a long time, and providing the tools to support these three main goals, might be the difference in your website getting bookmarked or simply passed over.

Each potential buyer has specific information in mind before they type a single letter into Google. How does search engine marketing play into this? Find their hot topics and optimize for those terms. If they are trying to find replacement parts or trying to find an alternative to the equipment they currently have. Optimize!

Then, give them the information they are looking for. This can happen in the form of whitepapers, product specifications, or different downloads.

How can you use this to your advantage? Have a really quick little form to download to capture their email address. This will help you evaluate the conversion on your website. Don’t have them give you all of their info…an email address is sufficient.

Don’t think that you are the only company they are looking at. Remember, there are 10 results on a single page of Google…even if you are on that first page, chances are, so are your competitors.

Aside from the research documents, they might want to be able to compare your products to find out which one might fit their needs. Having a chart, interactive or not, will help them understand that you are providing the product they need.

Granted, not all of the industrial marketplace is able to allow online purchases of their product for several reasons. At the very minimum, give them a call to action to request a quote. This will put your foot in the door and keep that potential buyer engaged.

Getting some good analytics on your site will help you determine what types of activites are happening on your site. This is imperative to show you which elements of your industrial search engine marketing are working, and which are not.

In addition to this understanding of the industrial marketplace, website tracking is crucial as the sales cycle can be quite long. Identify your key success indicators – a whitepaper download, a request for quote, or specification download. Any of these elements shows a strong interest and could be indictative that the end user in their compare mode.

If you’re working with a vendor for your search engine optimization, they should be able to identify ways to track the behavior on your website. For more information, visit ecreativeworks’ industrial search engine marketing page.

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