Driving Traffic: “Its not just qualified anymore!”

Sounds strange. With all the hype about qualified traffic, PPC campaigns and increasing conversions, why is unqualified traffic suddenly a good thing?

Well, dont run too far with with this, because if you’ve got a paid program in place you might break the bank. However, in some instances, ANY traffic can help your keyword rankings.

Here’s how it works:

With the advent of social search and web 2.0, algorithms are placing an increasing importance on site relevance when returning search results. Not only are backlink quantities a factor, but backlink popularity, their age and their ‘trust-factor,’ as Google puts it.

The more visibility a site has in social content-sharing communities such as digg.com, the more people who bookmark sites at del.icio.us, and the more blogs linking to a site at technorati.com… the greater the ‘trust-factor.’ Google is quick to return a result that they deem trustworthy,or, ‘relevant.’

Here’s how it applies:

As an engineer, your client base probably isn’t scouring the internet for tech-ie social sites. However, there is an ample audience that just might be willing to link to an article entitled “25 alternative uses for a drill press” from their humor blog. The link counts. The visibility counts. The presence counts. And these three factors will, in the long haul, boost your key word placement in the search engines.

Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes imagination. But the more traffic you have to your site, the higher its page rank, and so forth. It’s a good thing! It means virtually ALL your visitors are qualified. (Sans those PPC-ers.) They are either ready to buy, or helping your rank. Bless’em!

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