Can Industrial Businesses Leverage Social Media?

Can Industrial Businesses Leverage Social Media?

Terms like ‘social media’, ‘social search’ and ‘web 2.0’ are becoming increasingly more common in SEO and SEM, but have yet to make their way into the vocabulary of most industrial business owners. In fact, most tools that fall under the ‘social category’ are still quite elusive to some internet marketers themselves, which then begs the question, “what exactly is social media, and can industrial businesses leverage it for their SEM campaigns?”

The answer to this question lies in the vary nature of social search itself. ‘Yes – If its socially acceptable.’ Social communities that aggregate and share content are user controlled and based largely on trust.

For example, is a social content website: a portal where users can submit content and news stories, vote on submissions, approve or disapprove of entries. The most popular stories (those that receive the most ‘diggs’) make the home page’… and that’s a traffic driving dream.

The catch is this: avid participators can spot spam a mile away. And if youre spotted, youre done for. The key to driving traffic by submitting content related to your business to sites like digg, is offering relevant, interesting or controversial content that people want to read. Remember to think outside of the engineering paradigm. Educate and Entertain! As a regular participator, you can gain trust among the community and increase your chances of receiving diggs for your story.

So, with a little creativity, discretion and persistence, you can set apart your industrial website and create a presence among this rapidly growing social web phenomenon.


To truly be successful with dig, persistence pays. Submitting one story per week and evaluating several others will eventually tip the scale in your favor. Before submitting content to dig, try asking yourself the following questions:

Who are my customers, and what entertains them?

Is there valuable information I can give to my readers thats not already on my website?

Are there subjects of interest that overlap the industrial marketplace and the general public?

Sound like a pain? Too much to learn and digest? Take heed: this stuff is big. Check out the about pages of the two sites that could drive traffic like a cop.

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