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A blog is type of website or part of a website where users log entries or articles in support of a specific topic or area of expertise. Once upon a time, blogs were dismissed as an internet trend. “Everyone’s got a blog,” as the old saw goes, may be (nearly) true, but it’s for good reason: because blogs are effective! Adding a blog is a viable way to enhance your industrial website's visibility and provide the information your customers are looking for in a less "formal" way.

What makes a blog unique and successful is that it lets you add new content on a regular basis. This is important for search engine rankings, as constant updates encourage search engines to revisit and reindex your site—search engines thrive on new content! There's no better way to provide fresh content for search engines to explore than to create a blog in support of your website. A regularly updated blog will drive traffic to your site and increase your rankings for your keywords.

Many businesses in the industrial market are hesitant to add a blog to their site, as they’re worried that there may not be enough of an audience for the topic(s) their blog would address. But rest assured, there’s an audience for everything. Think of it this way: if there’s enough interest in what you do for your company to be in business in the first place, there’s plenty of interest for a blog!


Benefits of An Industrial Blog

Drive new traffic to your website

Every company with a website could benefit from more visitors, but it’s not always easy to get visitors to your site. Every time you write a new blog post, you’re adding a new indexed page to your website, which gives you a new opportunity to appear in search engine results. By casting a wider net, you’re all but guaranteed to bring more visitors to your site.

Writing optimized content allows you to target keywords

Keywords and, more often, keyword phrases are the fuel on which Google and other search engines run, but they must be used wisely. An industrial blog gives you the opportunity to use (and therefore improve your search engine positions for) the keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business without resorting to “keyword stuffing” on your site, which can hurt your search engine rankings.

Build your authority within your market

With an industrial blog, you can answer common questions about your company and promote the benefits of your products and/or services. By providing consistent, well-informed content, you’ll help establish your expertise in your industry and grow your authority among website visitors. By showing that you know your stuff, you’ll demonstrate to customers that they can trust your business to get the job done right—whatever it may be!

Create a “social network” between you & your readers

Think of this benefit as an extension of building authority. Most blogs feature a comments section where readers can post their thoughts and ask follow-up questions about the content of your post. This gives you the chance to connect directly with readers and can help build even greater trust and authority. And greater trust and authority almost always translates to higher conversion rates.



Ecreativeworks' B2B Blog Development Service

Ecreativeworks uses a WordPress template as the framework for our client’s blogs. During the B2B blog development process, we will:

  • Work with you to select a template or implementing one that coordinates well with your website
  • Design the graphics of your industrial blog to match your business’s website
  • Determine your category structure and the pages you want on your blog for your navigation structure
  • Train you on how to use, update, and edit your blog
  • Give you strategies for writing on your blog and ideas for promoting it


Industrial Blog Support

To support our customers’ ongoing blogging efforts, and to help their blog become an integrated part of their marketing program, Ecreativeworks offers standalone blog content development and optimization services. We also provide a social media program with blog writing and promotion worked in.

A common setback for some customers is the time commitment necessary to maintain a blog. To have a successful blog, it should be updated at least once a week.  However, this can take valuable time away from other projects and be easily forgotten. We can customize your blog program to suit your needs. Some clients opt for minimal support, while others want posts and blog maintenance on a monthly basis.

Ready to Get Started on B2B Blog Development for Your Website?

Ecreativeworks provides complete B2B blog development service. We’re ready to help you and your company reap the benefits that an industrial blog can provide. Contact us today to get started.


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