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Reach Your Customers More Effectively with A Focused B2C Ecommerce Strategy

Ecreativeworks started out working with industrial companies, but soon found that the solutions we created for the business-to-business marketplace work perfectly for business-to-consumer clients, as well. We specialize in creating effective B2C marketing strategies, along with dynamic B2C website designs that are both creative and provide the functionality required for a successful online business.

B2B vs. B2C Marketing

Ultimately, B2B and B2C marketing have the same end goal in mind: to sell a product or service. Many of the same tactics can be used in both instances, and there is certainly plenty of overlap between the two. However, there are a number of key differences to consider when plotting your B2C marketing strategy.

  • Market Size: While B2B tends to be aimed a smaller, more niche market, B2C marketing is typically targeted toward a larger, broader audience.
  • Purchasing Perspective: In B2B marketing, you’re often targeting a company’s buyer or specifier, not necessarily the person who will actually be using the end product. B2C marketing is generally meant to attract the end user.
  • Product Cost: B2B sales usually involve “big ticket” items or larger, long-term investments, such as manufacturing machinery. B2C sales can range from just a dollar or two to many thousands of dollars.
  • Timeline of A Sale: Closely related to the above. Because of the cost involved, B2B ecommerce may take weeks or months while the buyer investigates numerous options and alternatives to ensure that the product/service is the best investment for their company. B2C ecommerce is often as simple as the buyer finding the product or service they want/need and placing an order right away.


B2C Marketing Solutions that Work

Ecreativeworks provides business-to-consumer internet marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) programs to enhance your B2C website design and increase your visibility in search engines. B2C marketing services we provide include, but are not limited to:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A well-researched, well-thought out SEO (search engine optimization) program is the cornerstone of any successful B2C marketing strategy. None of the other facets of your campaign will be as effective as they could be without a solid SEO approach behind them.

Blog Development & Management

Adding a blog to your website, and writing new posts regularly, is a great way to reach customers. A blog gives you a forum for discussing your company, products, and services in a more specific, yet less formal way, giving your customers a new perspective on what you can do for them. Our blog development and management services can also help drive new traffic to your site and give a boost to your SEO efforts.

Social Media Marketing

There are few, if any, better ways for B2C brands to connect with their target market than through social media. Social media marketing—via Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere—lets you interact directly with your customers to answer their questions and share new product information, and can help foster brand loyalty by establishing a relationship with those who use your use your products.

Email Marketing

Email marketing enables you to reach your past, current, and potential customers and deliver customized messages for each group. From announcing upcoming sales and specials to promoting your latest product to sharing news about your company, Ecreativeworks’ email marketing can help drive traffic to your site and boost conversions.

Website Analytics

Even if your company’s website performs like a champ, it could always do better. With website analytics, we can take a look behind the curtain to find out what really works for your site, and what doesn’t. We look at all facets of your website’s performance to find out where improvements can be made.

Call Tracking Service

Our call tracking service can provide detailed information about who’s calling your company, what they’re calling about, and how they found you, your product, or your service online.

Mobile Website Development, Product Search & Other B2C Web Design Solutions

Our B2C web design and development solutions offer a broad range of capabilities that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Ecreativeworks can provide a complete overview of all the functionalities of new website design and how each of these aspects will help you achieve your goals.

Our B2C website designs can include any or all of the following:

  • Mobile responsive website design
  • B2C ecommerce capabilities
  • Product search, including faceted search or configurator options
  • Featured products and cross selling
  • Capabilities for online promotions and product specials
  • Coupon and discount management
  • Banner ad management
  • Shipping modules that interface with UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) module
  • Search engine-friendly designs


Additional capabilities and custom programming are also available to meet your requirements.

Contact Us for B2C Marketing & Web Design

Ecreativeworks has provided B2C website design and development for companies all across the consumer spectrum, and our custom B2C marketing expertise can help you achieve your goals and aid in the promotion of your website.

For the one-of-a-kind B2C website solution your business needs, or to learn more about what we can do for your B2C company, contact Ecreativeworks today.



Highlighted B2C Website Design Projects

Mitchell Metal Products

Our custom website solution for IDC Automatic includes a responsive design for easy viewing on all platforms, an easy-to-navigate product database, a service call scheduling feature, and more.

Mission Construction

Mission Construction’s web design is also responsive, and includes a click-to-call function, an interactive project portfolio, an RFQ (request for quote) function, and other user-friendly features


Ceramic Tileworks

Ceramic Tileworks’ web design includes multiple product search options to help customers find just what they’re looking for, a technical/resource library, and other special features.



For the one-of-a-kind B2C ecommerce solution you need, contact us today!

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