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Most customers aren’t going to dig around your website to find accessories for a product accessory. That’s why almost every online marketplace has a section highlighting accessories or recommended products in hopes customer will add a few extra items to their cart before checking out. It’s the equivalent of store endcaps loaded with things that catch the shopper’s eye and trigger the, “I need one of those” response.

Drive Sales by Showcasing Your Product Accessories

Putting products right in front of a customer’s face (quite literally, in this instance) makes it easier to sell. Our Accessories Module for ecommerce and RFQ cart websites provides a virtual “endcap” to highlight product accessories. A simple click allows users to add accessories to their cart at the same time they purchase a product.

Instead of being hidden in a section of your site that often gets overlooked, we feature your accessories in a way proven to drive sales.


Don’t Hide Your Product Accessories, Highlight Them

People won’t buy what they can’t see. The module gives site visitors two ways to access the Accessories pages on your site: using the navigation or clicking the links on the main product page. If your site has a search function, they can also use the search box to find accessories.

The Accessories Module includes:

  • Adding an “Accessories” category to the main site navigation
  • Creating landing pages for all the accessories available for a specific product/model number.
  • Including product accessory lists on each product page, allowing users to add them to their cart quickly.

Give Customers A Clear and Organized Way to Find All Your Accessories

When a user hovers over the Accessories category in the primary navigation, they see an expanded list of all the different Accessories categories. It’s up to you how we organize these categories, whether it’s by product type/category or product model.

Once the user selects a category, they are brought to the landing page for either the Accessories category or individual accessory, depending on the action taken. Individual pages for each accessory include a product image, model number, features, and price.

Another way to access Accessories is through the primary product page, either by clicking a link or viewing options in the Accessories section. This action takes users to the individual accessory page and allows them to add the product to their cart or quote.

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