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Well-Managed Social Media Can Improve Your Organic Search Results

Social media is, without question, the fastest growing marketing strategy on the web. Ecreativeworks’ social media programs will keep your business at the forefront of the latest digital trends. With services that include LinkedIn, Blogs, Google+, YouTube and more, Ecreativeworks will help you reach your customers in new ways while simultaneously improving your organic search engine visibility.

We offer a variety of social marketing services designed to stand alone or work in conjunction with your existing website marketing programs. You can put as much or as little time into your social media marketing as your schedule allows, and let Ecreativeworks take care of the rest. We offer everything from one-time setups and training in social media usage to content development to monthly management programs.

Social Media in the Industrial Marketplace

Social media strategies vary a little in the industrial marketplace than the consumer because of the information shared and the platforms used to have a successful program. Unlike a consumer product, there isn't always something fun and sexy to share on Facebook or Pinterest, but there is a niche market that is interested in the capabilities of the latest CNC machine or a video on molecular beam epitaxy. A successful social media campaign in the industrial marketplace uses a combination of discussion groups, forums, LinkedIn profiles, blogs and website tools. A combination of these social media techniques will help you build an audience and communicate with your potential customers in an informal way, but all of the information shared is useful to their every day business challenges.


Here are a few strategies for your social media campaign:

Forums & Discussion Groups

  • Find or start the conversation on industry related discussion groups or forums.
  • A secret for social media success is to find a problem and present the solution with your company’s products or services. A forum or discussion group is a great place for this.
  • This social media outlet generally allows for individual postings or postings as a company. You should be able to create and optimize a forum profile as well.


  • Popular with both individuals and businesses, blogs are a simple way to keep clients and potential customers up to date on your company’s latest news, new products, upcoming events and more.
  • We can build a blog for your business from scratch, and populate it with frequent posts based on the content you want your customers to know about. Your content can be self-created, or our industrial copywriters can handle writing duties for you.
  • Blog posts with links back to your company’s website will increase customer traffic and conversions while improving your search engine rankings.


  • LinkedIn is a great place for professionals to share their knowledge and expertise in the marketplace.
  • It acts as an online dynamic resume. You can post updates to your network, upload and share presentations and join topic specific discussion groups.
  • Company pages allow you to highlight products and services and provide company updates.



  • Receives over 2 billion visitor per day, making this user-generated video site a perfect place to grow your social media presence.
  • We can help you build your own “channel” to reach your clients and potential customers. Adding just a few informative and/or entertaining videos about your business can have a huge positive impact on your overall SEO.

Website Tools & Resources

  • Your website is one of the most important tools of social media. Think like an engineer or your target audience and provide resources that they will want to revisit and share.
  • Calculators, data charts, articles, white papers, downloadable CAD files are all great things to add to your website and promote through your channels or your audiences channels.
  • Work with Ecreativeworks to build dynamic website tools and resources that others want to talk about!

Additional Social Media Strategies at A Glance

Ecreativeworks’ social media programs can also focus on the most popular and most used social media networks to ensure that your business reaches the most people in the best possible ways. Depending on your marketplace, there are times where a Facebook page, a Twitter or Tumblr account or Pinterst will work for you. If nothing else, there is also the strategy of “owning” the page when someone does a brand name search.


  • The most-visited website among US internet users in 2011. Don’t miss out on all that potential for exposure!
  • Ecreativeworks’ social media services can create a full profile for your company: contact info, direct links to your website, regular updates, relevant photos, and more.
  • A company Facebook page will help you build your overall network and quickly and easily increase your exposure to new customers.


  • Integrated with Google Products and Google search algorithm, Google+ will be a must to gain the leading edge in search engine results.
  • This platform has been adopted by some industrial users, but your target audience may not be participating here for business.
  • Designed to create circles and interactions around topics. Can create brand pages and participate in conversations with anyone you want.


  • Tailor-made for quick, relevant updates.
  • Ecreativeworks’ social media services can use this forum to give brief company news blurbs or link back to content on your business’s blog posts or webpage.


  • All-in-one social media platform that allows you to integrate blog posts, video, photos, other social media feeds and more.
  • It has over 18 billion user generated posts since its 2007 creation.
  • We have used it to help congregate social media efforts for some of our customers and have seen it pay off. Check out an article that one of our Internet Marketing Specialist was interviewed for, B2B Online.


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