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The quickest way to improve your online visibility is through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. PPC gets your website prominently placed in search engines’ sponsored results within hours of your program going live. Through PPC, your site can achieve visibility for even the most competitive keywords. A Pay Per Click program can work well as a stand alone marketing venture, a complement to your organic strategies or as a way to gather research on your product, services and target audience. Pay Per Click also works well if you have a specific location you are trying to target, if you are trying to reach a new audience or for the promotion of your company as a new website launches or before a trade show.


Ecreativeworks Has Google Advertising Professionals Qualified To Set Up And Maintain Your Pay Per Click Campaigns.
Read The Google AdWords Working With Third Parties Disclosure.



Ecreativeworks targets Google AdWords marketing. Our pay per click advertising programs include:

Keyword Research:
We analyze the keywords that are most relevant to your business for potential search volume. You’ll receive a full list for final approval, and the chosen keywords are the ones with which we’ll start your campaign.

Budget Recommendations:
We look at the potential clicks and cost per click for your final keyword list and recommend a budget. You’re free to choose a budget above or below this recommendation. This is another benefit to PPC—you control the budget!

Ad Copy:
We write the ad copy search engines will display for your keywords. This medium is very measurable, and it’s easy to make changes and test responses. We write a variety of titles and descriptions that allow us to test what entices the most people to click.

Campaign Set Up:
We will organize and set up your campaigns within Google AdWords. We use your approved keyword list and ad copy, then set up budgets and other campaign details.

Monitoring & Reporting:
We monitor your campaign on a regular basis. This includes removing under performing search terms and replacing them with different terms, swapping out titles and descriptions to test responses.


Like all of our marketing efforts generally our goal with Pay Per Click marketing is to ensure you are receiving qualified traffic and conversions. Some companies within the industrial marketplace also strive for brand awareness and want to “own” the page for specific terms. This strategy has a little different approach as keeping costs low aren't always the objective. If you are running both a SEO and PPC program, it may be beneficial for one person or agency to be running your campaigns to ensure, between both efforts, you are receiving the biggest bang for your buck.

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