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Ecreativeworks provides content syndication solutions for manufacturers, businesses with separate divisions, and online stores with specific product lines. With our content syndication services, it’s easy to share information about your products and services with your distributors, individual company sites, and/or corresponding product websites. We’ll help you take control of the way your syndicated content is presented online in a cost effective way.

Industrial Manufacturer & Distributor Support

Manufacturers’ catalogs can quickly become obsolete, and they’re often expensive to print and distribute. With online content syndication, you, the manufacturer, can send online versions of your product catalogs to all your distributors. Online catalogs ensure that product information is always up to date and accurately portrayed. Learn more about Ecreativeworks’ distributor support product.

Corporate Websites & Sub-Divisional Sites

By using content syndication on your corporate website, all your micro-sites can be updated quickly and efficiently through your main site. Building additional websites dedicated to the multiple divisions through which your company operates can help you improve brand recognition in the marketplace. With Ecreativeworks’ content web syndication platform, you can simultaneously update all your company’s sites at once—simply determine what information is to be syndicated and each time you update those pages, your other sites will automatically update to show your changes.

Company Website & Product Line Sites

If your company operates product line websites alongside your main site, using content syndication helps manage your product lines effectively. When updating products on your main site, all product lines update automatically and simultaneously, keeping your product sites up to date. This helps improve your speed to market for all product lines.

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