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Providing a product configurator or part number builder on your website could be the difference between converting a visitor to your site into a client, or losing them to a competitor whose site makes it easier to understand their products’ capabilities. The online configurator solutions offered by Ecreativeworks can help increase your conversions by showing visitors to your site the many different ways in which your products can meet their specific needs.

Our product configurators and part number builders are custom-built to your specifications and are designed for companies that produce or distribute products that are highly configurable or customizable to customer needs. Most product configurators can only handle simply configurations, but Ecreativeworks has experience that enables us to build configurators that can address very complex product rules.

Ecreativeworks offers three types of configurators: 

Stand Alone Online Product Configurator

A stand alone configurator from Ecreativeworks will help your customers find the right product for their needs, and can be integrated with your company’s existing website without a mass overhaul. Our stand alone online product configurators are designed and built to your specifications and are completely customizable for your company’s products.

Private Access Configurators

Ecreativeworks offers private access product configurators if your business needs a custom configurator that is not intended for general internet users. A private access installation allows your sales, manufacturing, customer service, and other team members to access the configurator through your company’s internal network.

Part Number Builder & Product Configuration Solutions

Ecreativeworks' part number builder and product configuration solutions are designed to be integrated into our ecommerce cart or request for quote product database. As the customer uses the configurator or part number builder to find the product that fits their needs, they can then easily submit a request for quote or purchase the product.  


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