Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: May 23 – 27

Happy Memorial Day weekend, gang! I’m sure you’re getting antsy to head out for the long holiday weekend—those burgers aren’t gonna grill themselves, after all! While you’re waiting for I’m Getting the Heck Outta Here o’Clock to come around, check out our weekly roundup. You’ll be glad you did!* Search Engine Land: Competitive Threats to […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: May 16 – 20

We Minnesotans are looking forward to a warm, sunny weekend. Many across the North Star state have probably already bolted for the exits. But if you’re on Mountain or Pacific time, you’ve still got a few more hours to go, so why not do some light reading? 1. The Atlantic: Smartphones rule the internet: The […]

Why Industrial Companies Should Embrace Visual Content

You invest a great deal of time in the content you put on your website. You take pains to describe products accurately and ensure that every word correctly reflects your brand. Text is an essential part of your content strategy, but it shouldn’t be your whole strategy. If you’re not using visual content on your […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: May 9-13

It’s Friday the 13th! Run for your lives! Or don’t, it’s probably fine… But, to ward off bad luck—just in case—take a gander at our weekly collection of some of the best and most informative writing from across the ol’ interwebs. Enjoy! Marketing Profs: Six Top SEO Factors in 2016: The more SEO changes, the […]

Ecreativeworks Weekly Roundup: May 2 – 6

The mercury is supposed to hit 88 degrees in Minneapolis today, which means plenty of people will be sunning themselves around the lakes this afternoon. Before you run off to do the same, check out these articles. It’s been a great week for informative content, including a virtual Q&A with Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary […]

A Guide to Part Number Builders for Industrial E-Commerce Sites

A website is a sales rep or sales engineer that works 24-7. However, just like individual salespeople, some e-commerce sites are better than others. What makes one site more powerful than a competitor? It often boils down to one question: how easy is it to find what I need on this site? Over the years, […]