The Story of the SEO Christmas Spiders

SEO Christmas Spiders

With the holiday season coming around, it’s important to remember Google rankings and website optimization doesn’t just happen by magic. Taking care of your website to make sure it ranks well, provides great customer service, and is functionally built properly takes time and effort. However … If you DO believe in magic, then maybe we could use the old German Christmas story of the Christmas Spiders, and apply it to your website and SEO, to show you how some of the “magic” is used to help your website rankings.

And so, Ecreativeworks presents, during a cold December afternoon before the holiday season hits, the tale of the SEO Spiders …

Once, long ago, in an office in Minnesota, a gentle SEO person was busily optimizing a website for the most wonderful day of the year. Not a speck of SPAM was left on the site for when Google Claus was to come and bring the Christmas rankings. Even the spiders had been banished from their cozy internal pages to avoid the SEO person’s busy work. They finally fled to the farthest corners of the forgotten web.

‘Twas Christmas Eve at last! The site was optimized and waiting for the Clients to see it. But the poor spiders were frantic, for they needed to see the site before Google Claus’ visit. The oldest and wisest spider suggested that perhaps the coulld peep through a crack in the robots.txt file.

Silently, they crept across the web to wait. Suddenly, the site went live, and quickly the spiders sneaked across the domain. The site towered with brilliant content, keywords and meta tags everywhere, They scurried up the site map, out along each page, filled with a happy wonder at the glittering beauty of the optimized site. Every place the went, they left a trail of webs. When at last they had inspected every bit of the site, it was completely shrouded in a dusty, grey net of the spiders’ webs.

Google Claus arrived and smiled as he thought of the happy spiders crawling the site. So he reached out his hand, touched the webs and blessed them. they turned to shimmering, sparkling #1 rankings. The site glistened in greater beauty than ever before. When the SEO person saw the rankings, it was clear a Christmas miracle had occurred!

Need help controlling your own Christmas spiders on your website? Contact Ecreativeworks for help in your website marketing programs.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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