5 Great Video Ideas for Your Industrial Website

5 ideas for industrial company videos

It was already two years ago when Ecreativeworks internet marketing mavens tipped our clients to jumping onto the website video and YouTube train. It was based on reports from ComScore (an agency that measures search engine traffic globally) which ranked YouTube’s overall search use as second only to Google. Taking advantage of this search level for industrial clients was important then, and remains so today. In fact, the only things which have changed since 2011 is more people are online, more videos are competing for viewer eyes, and you STILL need to get on the video train!

One of the frequent comments we’ll hear from businesses considering joining the video revolution is they are unsure of what videos they should add to their website. While we’ve offered many tips in the past of how to get the most out of your videos, we thought it may also be beneficial to give some specific examples of video content which can help industrial businesses draw visits to their website.

With this in mind, here are five examples of great industrial video content you can mimic on your own site:

1.    Corporate Videos

One of the easiest videos to transfer to an online realm would be a business’ corporate video. Most businesses already have these videos sitting around on DVD, VHS, or laser disc (the horror!). Converting them to a digital format and uploading them to YouTube is a quick and easy step to get your brand into the YouTube search results, and the opportunity to provide something visually appealing on your website, like this video from a coating applicator company.

2.    Office or Plant Tours

Most industrial businesses don’t limit themselves to working with customers in a 40 mile radius. As we’re all aware, the world is getting smaller and smaller as people across the globe are able to connect through the internet. And while we can chat and video conference pretty easily, it’s not always as easy to see what your work place looks like. Why not give website visitors around the globe a tour of your facility with a quick walk through video, like this video does, highlighting facilities in Michigan, Arizona, and China? Allowing them to see the inner workings of your office builds trust in a customer, which will help convert to new business.

3.    Products in Action

Even more exciting than your office space (how could that be?!) are your products and services. While giving a website visitor a tour of your manufacturing plant is great for them to get an overview of where you work, why not show them the work you actually do, too, by featuring your products in motion? Many visitors will wonder how a certain machine functions, what it works on, or will want to see it in action before they request a quote for service. With video, providing that preview for them is no problem, like this video of a CNC machine in action.

4.    Installation, Repair, or Fixing Instructions

Have you ever been caught on-site somewhere – working with a client, installing equipment, or solving an emergency issue – and have had a question pop up? In that scenario you’ve probably called someone for information, but explaining “put that jig next to that widget, and turn really hard” doesn’t really cut it. So why not provide customers with visual cues on how to install products, repair devices or fix issues that come up, like this video for installing products into honeycomb floor panels? More and more people are turning to YouTube for “how to” instructional videos, and customers in the industrial marketplace are no different.

5.    Customer Case Studies

Nothing is more powerful than a testimonial from someone you’ve worked with, espousing the success of your business in addressing their project needs. In many cases, these happy clients will gladly go to bat for you and offer their thanks through a case study video, like this video describing how a vise company assisted Western Plow with an issue. Having a third party talk to your viewers about how you were the perfect business for them can be very convincing for new customers.


These are just a few of the ideas that Ecreativeworks has tracked down. Naturally, there are many more, depending on what you’re willing to do. Consider presenting your press releases or quarterly updates in video form. Provide short staff interviews, how-to videos, tutorials, TV news features, conference presentations, and much more. It’s only limited by your imagination!

For more information on how Ecreativeworks can help with your industrial website video optimization, contact us today. And make sure to check our YouTube video page for more ideas. Now, get to filming!

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