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For many OEMs, CAD drawings and 3-D models are an integral part of their business. However, the seamless integration of CAD drawings within a website is often a challenge. Ecreativeworks understands the importance of CAD drawings and offers solutions that provide CAD drawing integration along with comprehensive CAD model management for client websites.

An effective CAD drawing and 3-D model solution can turn your static site into a dynamic, interactive experience for visitors. The more engaged your website’s visitors are, the more likely they are to stay on your site, to specify and purchase products, and to recommend you to others as an engineer- and designer-friendly website.

Benefits of providing CAD drawings and 3-D models on your website:

  • Designs Sell:
    Lock in your products at design time and get sales at purchase time! Buyers rarely change designer/engineer specifications, and our CAD management solutions provide sales leads for each CAD drawing or CAD model that is downloaded.
  • Time Savings:
    Save money by limiting the time your designers or other staff spend on creating drawings and models, and easily manage your CAD drawing library.
  • Design for Decisions:
    Designers select suppliers who can best cater to their needs and who respect their valuable time. Convert more designs into sales by providing easy-to-use CAD model management and drawing capabilities through your website.
  • 24/7 Access:
    An estimated 90-plus percent of engineers and designers use the internet to locate technical product information. CAD management solutions for your site can give customers access to this information any time they’re searching for it.
  • Competitive Advantage:
    A recent study showed that 97% of customers think 3-D CAD models are important when selecting a supplier. Let current and potential customers know that you understand what they’re looking for and that their business is important to you.

Ecreativeworks’ 3-D CAD Models & 2-D CAD Drawing Solutions:

  • Support All Major CAD Systems:
    Ecreativeworks offers solutions that are compatible with CREO, PRO/ENGINEER, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor and many others systems.
  • Complex Product Support:
    We offer “configurable” and “made to order” CAD solutions.
  • Simple Integration:
    We make the transition easy when adding CAD drawing views and download solutions to your website.
  • Traceability:
    Track your customer information! Our solutions can provide unlimited views and download information through use of registrations that provide leads from specifications taking place through your website.
  • 3-D PDF Viewer:
    Ecreativeworks understands that accessibility is key! Our solutions do not require special browser plug-ins or installation, and provide cross-browser and operating system support.
  • 2-D Sales Drawings:
    Dimensioned drawings with your company’s title block and drawing notes can be created.

Additional 3-D CAD Solutions Provided by Ecreativeworks:

  • CAD configurators
  • Virtual interactive 3-D CAD models

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